Cajun Pizza Place in Austin

2009 - 2019


6001 W Parmer Lane, Ste 440, Austin, Texas 78727

(940) 387-7252

Description — Permanently Closed

The home of delicious, Louisiana-inspired pizza in Austin has gone to that big bowl of gumbo in the sky.

Unfortunately, Cajun Pizza Place closed in 2019.


  1. Is Cajun Pizza Place in Austin really gone?
    Yes, it really is.
  2. It’s permanently closed?
    Yes. Sorry.
  3. Do you understand my pain right now?
    Just try to remember the good times.



  • 2019 January 30

    Cajun Pizza Place closed following co-owner, Keith “Flash” Dartez’s decision to retire, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.
    • “Cajun Pizza Place, Northwest Austin’s slice of Louisiana, closes its doors”
    • Community Impact
    • Jan 30, 2019
  • 2009

    Cajun Pizza Place first opened in 2009 on McNeil Drive.
    • “Louisiana natives create a home away from home at Cajun Pizza Place”
    • Community Impact
    • May 2, 2018

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