Tasty Pfreeze in Pflugerville

2018 - 2019


2700 Pecan St W, Ste 950, Pflugerville, Texas 78660

(517) 819-4760

Description — Permanently Closed

In June of 2018 Tasty Pfreeze opened in a small ice cream-shaped building in Pflugerville.1 When the business didn’t succeed to the level it needed to, the owner had a good sense of humor about it, posting on Facebook, “An ice cream shop…In Texas…IN. THE. SHAPE. OF. AN. ICE. CREAM. CONE. No brainer right??!??”2

Unfortunately, Tasty Pfreeze closed in Nov 2019.3


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  1. Is Tasty Pfreeze in Pflugerville really gone?
    Yes, it really is.
  2. It’s permanently closed?
    Yes. Sorry.
  3. Do you understand my pain right now?
    Just try to remember the good times.