Austin’s Pizza in Round Rock

2004 - 2019


3750 Gattis School Rd, Austin, Texas 78664

(512) 795-8888

Description — Permanently Closed

Austin’s Pizza is a local chain of a dozen or so locations. It’s known primarily for a wide assortment of delivery pizzas. This location was part of a shopping center anchored by an H-E-B grocery store.

Unfortunately, this location of Austin’s Pizza closed in 2019.


  1. Is Austin’s Pizza in Round Rock really gone?
    Yes, it really is.
  2. It’s permanently closed?
    Yes. Sorry.
  3. Do you understand my pain right now?
    Just try to remember the good times.


  • 2003 December 28

    Round Rock: Gattis School Rd
    Austin’s Favorite Pizza
    • “Austin’s Favorite Pizza”
    • Austin American-Statesman
    • Dec 28, 2003

Recent Closures

Closed, But Not Forgotten