Taco Taco in Millville

2015 - 2019


35831 Atlantic Ave, Millville, Delaware 19967

(302) 829-8024

Description — Permanently Closed

Taco Taco created its official Facebook page in Oct 2015.1 That same month owner Kevin Martin was profiled on DelmarvaNow.com about his new restaurant and described a Chipotle-style build-it-yourself taco assembly process with choices including chicken, beef, pork, fish, shrimp, chorizo, tomatoes, salsa, and cheese.2 In Jun 2017 the restaurant added “breakfast breakfast.”3

The Evil Mommy even wrote about her family’s visits to (and obsession with) Taco Taco.4

Unfortunately, a Facebook post indicated Taco Taco closed in 2019.5


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  1. Is Taco Taco in Millville really gone?
    Yes, it really is.
  2. It’s permanently closed?
    Yes. Sorry.
  3. Do you understand my pain right now?
    Just try to remember the good times.